We have new hosts!

We’ve got new hosts! We know it’s a big change, but trust us, we care deeply about issues of race and class. And we want you to get to know us.In our introductory episode, members of the new team have an honest conversation on how race and class has affected their lives.

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Lauren Brown
Progress vs. Backlash: What happened when hundreds of our Ferguson neighbors got phony eviction notices this fall

Just before Thanksgiving, a housing crisis popped up in the infamous St. Louis suburb of Ferguson, Mo. The county housing authority had stepped in to demand repairs from a property management company. The property company responded by kicking out residents. It’s a mess. And in the middle are residents who are hustling to find safe housing during the coldest months of the year.

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Real Estate Redemption

In this episode, we zoom in on a group that holds immense power in guiding where people choose to live and raise families: real estate agents. And what happens when some try to make amends for their industry’s past transgressions by focusing on a single St. Louis neighborhood.

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Closed Off in the Gateway City

Spend time in St. Louis’ wealthy, old neighborhoods and you might notice something unusual. Amid all the splendor of ornate craftsmanship and tree-lined streets you’ll often happen across thick, wrought iron gates. In fact the city helped put gated communities on the map in America. With the help of St. Louis preservationist Michael Allen, Kameel and Tim trace the legacy of gated communities to modern day. Read more

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Bonus: Black Girl Magic Pt. 2

We’re taking you allllll the way back to a little more than a year ago when we brought you an episode called “Black Girl Magic.” Some of you diehards probably remember it, if not, you can check it out here. The episode is all about a big effort among business leaders in St. Louis to diversify the city’s entrepreneurship scene. It turns out one young woman, Rachel Simon Lee, was listening. And the story of what she did next is pretty cool.    

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Judgement Day!

Jesus is back! Our favorite black spiritual adviser returns to judge our third season. Hear highlights from the episodes he liked, and the ones he didn’t.

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Season 3Tim Lloyd