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Finding Art In Activism

Today’s show is all about choices. We’ll listen in as Damon Davis and Sabaah Folayan, producers of the critically acclaimed documentary ‘Whose Streets,’ talk about their choice to make the film and how they hope it will become a lasting document. We’ll also hear how a choice a good friend of ours made while covering Ferguson continues to shape the choices he makes now. 

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Hands up, Mics on

On the third anniversary of Mike Brown's killing, we share the story of three playwrights who penned monologues about their experiences as black men in America. This is the first of two shows we're using to explore to art and activism during the month of August.

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Rhetoric vs. Reality: Which is winning post Ferguson?

What's the Missouri legislature done in the two sessions since Michael Brown's death? A little, but not nearly as much as was anticipated in 2014, when Ferguson was in the international spotlight.

In this episode, veteran political reporter Jason Rosenbaum, who's covered the story the entire time, gives us a retrospective look at the last two years and talks about what may come next.


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