Relive "I Live Here," our summer storytelling event


We Live Here has spent just over a year gathering and telling stories about people in the St. Louis region dealing with issues of race, class, poverty and power.

This summer, we handed the microphones over to the community.

We teamed up with local storytelling group Second Tuesdays and the nonprofit UrbArts for a night of storytelling on July 12 at UrbArts.

This week's podcast gives you a taste of some of the stories, and we've embedded audio below.

We've also included a little about each storyteller and their story.

Sunni Hutton

Cheryl Gunnell

“My imagination filled my world with great, cool people and wonderful adventures. I dreamed of sharing my stories, but I was afraid no one would like them.”

Maureen Hanlon

“The only thing I know for sure, is that he told him to wait outside until a white girl in a red car pulled up. And he said it was his teacher. And he said his teacher was going to be scared if he didn’t show up. And he said his teacher was going to be worried. And he said he had to go, his neighbor had to go and tell me, he was sorry.” 

Darian Wigfall

“Even though as a trained scientist I’ve learned to debunk all of this oppression training as I grew up, I still find myself asking that same question: What is black?”

Pacia Anderson

“I go in and there’s like a full band, and there’s all this guitar and there’s violinists...white kids with floor length dreadlocks, black kids with purple hair. And I’m like what the f--- is this? It was great!"

Sahara Scott

“I learned to dance and live fearlessly. It was people in St. Louis that made me feel this sense of home. Because it’s the people, not about where you are.  It’s you guys, here. Now. And that’s beautiful.”

Harlan Hodge

Marilyn Sue Warren