Judgement Day!

Jesus is back! Our favorite black spiritual adviser returns to judge our third season. Hear highlights from the episodes he liked, and the ones he didn’t.

Earlier this summer, we got bombarded with messages and emails from people wanting to know if it was true that Missouri has snatched back a wage increase from the lowest-paid workers in St. Louis. Short answer? Yes. But today’s show isn’t about that short answer.

On this episode we explore the idea of a woke spectrum. You longtime listeners probably knew we would end up here eventually. After all, it is our new tagline. We go through responses we’ve collected about the word woke and we spend time with regular people -- many of them white --  trying to figure out, in light of everything going on, where they fit on this spectrum.

Today’s show is all about choices. We’ll listen in as Damon Davis and Sabaah Folayan, producers of the critically acclaimed documentary ‘Whose Streets,’ talk about their choice to make the film and how they hope it will become a lasting document. We’ll also hear how a choice a good friend of ours made while covering Ferguson continues to shape the choices he makes now. 

Hands up, Mics on

On the third anniversary of Mike Brown's killing, we share the story of three playwrights who penned monologues about their experiences as black men in America. This is the first of two shows we're using to explore to art and activism during the month of August.

In this episode, we get a seemingly simple question from a regular guy who wants St. Louis to do better around race and economic progress. And then we take that question to woman who wants the same, and just so happens to have recently come into a considerable amount of power.

Hey everyone, we’re official back! On the first episode of season three, a very, very special guest helps Tim and Kameel explore the whitewashing of Jesus. And we meet a local minister who’s trying to help his mostly white congregation rethink what Jesus looked like.