July 10: "I Live Here: Homes and the Stories They Hold"

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I Live Here 2018

Homes and the Stories they hold

On July 10, Tim and Kameel hosted We Live Here's annual "I Live Here" storytelling experience. This summer's show was hosted in conjunction with Second Tuesdays, a community storytelling collective. In honor of We Live Here's fourth season, which explores the intersection of race, class and housing in one of the nation's most segregated regions, the show's theme was "Homes and the Stories They Hold." 

Check out the full episode and full-length raw audio below. And, don't forget to subscribe.

Photos: Tim Lloyd, We Live Here co-producer/co-host


Chiffontae, "TGIF"

"My mother is not Danny Tanner."

Stephen, "Percy's Grandson"

"I'd come home to a place I'd never been to."

Trieste, "Hellacious"

"Even hell sometimes is a hell that you know." 

Mariah, "Paneled Walls. Carpeted Hardwood. Plastic-Covered Furniture. 

"The American Dream... that dream has eluded me."

Rob, "The F Word"

"Sometimes you have to take steps to become your own superhero."