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Last school year, Missouri public schools issued more than 219,000 suspensions. About 10 percent went to students in kindergarten through third grade. St. Louis second-grader Johnny, pictured above, was one of them. In fact, Johnny spent 38 days out of school. Hear his story in the We Live Here podcast. CAROLINA HIDALGO | ST. LOUIS PUBLIC RADIO


(Pt. 2)

About six months ago, we took an intense look at racial disparities in early-grade school suspensions in Missouri.

We revisit the topic in this week's episode and bring you a big update – on the people and policy changes that have happened since then.

Hear what's going on with Johnny, who was kicked out of his St. Louis school for 38 days.

And hear from other local officials who've since vowed to reduce, and in some cases ban, out-of-school suspensions for K-3 students.

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